Crystals for your third-eye and sacral chakras ✨

Meditating with crystals over your third eye – the main portal to your intuition – will help to awaken your innate awareness.

Kyanite is one of the most powerful crystals to begin with as it can gently stimulate and open your third eye, strengthening your intuition and inner wisdom.

I often hold a crystal over my third eye when I need answers and guidance, tapping into the wisdom within me.

I will allow a situation or question to run through my mind’s eye, as the power of the crystal helps me to access my intuitive answers.

You may not hear the answer straight away, but trust that the part of you that needs to know knows, and the answers will become clear.

It’s also vital to work with your sacral chakra when you want to tap more deeply into your intuition.

Think of some of the things we say, such as ‘I felt it in my gut’ – this describes intuitive guidance and it can very often get lost beneath the myriad emotions that we don’t address, listen to or heal.

You can harness the intuitive power of both your third-eye and sacral chakras by holding an associated crystal to meditate or by placing the crystals on the relevant chakra.

Close your eyes and take deep breaths and imagine a link between your third-eye and sacral chakras, opening up an energetic line of intuition and wisdom that you can begin to tap into.

You may imagine the energy moving one way with your inhale and the other way with your exhale.

Work with your intuition daily and follow it as often as possible to strengthen it and build trust in yourself.

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