Green Kyanite Wand

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Kyanite is one of the most powerful crystals to begin with as it can gently stimulate and open your third eye, strengthening your intuition and inner wisdom.

Chakra: Throat

Helps support you to: 
  • Release stuck thought patterns
  • Cut through anger, frustration and stress
  • Remove emotional hooks and attachments 
  • Cut ties to the past
  • Clear your energy
  • Speak your truth

How to use: Meditate with/hold/carry your kyanite wand with you whenever you need its support. You can place your kyanite over your third eye to draw away negative thought patterns. For cord cutting, visualise in your mind’s eye the person or situation that you still find yourself energetically connected to, hold your kyanite until you feel a willingness to let go and then visualise 'unhooking' those ties with the support of your kyanite.