Shine Your Inner Light Bracelet Stack

Shine Your Inner Light Bracelet Stack

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Shine your inner light with this special crystal bracelet stack.

Set your intentions on these bracelets and wear them to remind you of your inner light and power and draw to you what you desire.

  • Citrine bracelet
  • Tigers Eye bracelet
  • Merlinite bracelet
Citrine - The crystal of abundance, citrine is your go-to when it comes to manifesting and drawing to you what you desire. This beautiful little ray of golden sunshine reminds you of your inner power and light and helps you to believe in yourself.

Tigers Eye - This will bring you a confidence boost and a reminder of how powerful and capable you are, giving you the courage to go after what you truly want. Tiger’s eye ensures that you allow the very best of you to shine, bringing out the most confident and empowered version of you.

Merlinite - Known as the magic bearer this is quite literally the crystal of magic. Merlinite will enhance your spiritual growth, bring your shadows to the light to help you to understand and embrace who you are and awaken your intuition and inner knowing

Caring for your bracelets: Please note that these are incredibly high grade crystals of the best quality. To keep your bracelets in good condition take them off when showering and do not get them wet too often (although the elastic is also high quality it will weaken through constant exposure to water).