Prehnite & Epidote Tumblestone

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Connecting you with your heart, prehnite brings self-love and self-understanding, helping you to know yourself and what you truly desire.

Prehnite will help enhance your intuition and deepen your trust in the universe, so that you can move forwards along your soul's path. 

It teaches you how to be in harmony with nature, and the cycles of seasons, change, death, rebirth and creation in all of life, helping you to integrate life lessons and accept change and connect you to the creative life force energy of the universe.

Often called the crystal to heal the healer, this is the perfect crystal if you give too much and leave yourself depleted. 
The epidote element will work like a magnet, to really enhance and amplify these energies.

How to use: Hold, carry with you or meditate with your prehnite & epidote tumblestone to connect and work with its powerful energies.

Each crystal is unique in size, shape and surface texture. Your order will vary slightly from the image shown.