Mini Obsidian Sphere

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Wonderful for helping to heal the witch wound, obsidian is powerful for helping you to release the limiting beliefs, unconscious thoughts and ancient trauma that is buried in your psyche, preventing you from doing what you are being called to do. 

Obsidian will keep you safe and protected as you explore your witch work, helps you to explore your shadows and bring them to the light and awaken you to your truth. 

Once used for scrying, obsidian will help you to awaken your third eye to ‘see’ clearly and access your intuitive abilities and higher wisdom. 

How to use: Use this beautiful obsidian sphere as your “crystal ball”. Hold and mediate with it daily to connect to your energy and power.


"Beautiful, deeply healing crystal I ordered this crystal to use alongside Kirsty´s Healing The Witch Wound workshop and weekly practices. It arrived quickly and was beautifully packaged. I´m enjoying using the sphere in my meditations each morning to tap into my inner wisdom and intuition. Thank you, as always, for your amazing products." Sarah D.


Size: approx 2cm to 2.5cm