Lepidolite Palm Stone

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This gently uplifting crystal from Madagascar contains an element of Lithium, making it a wonderful natural antidepressant, particularly useful as we transition into the darker end of the year.

Lepidolite will help to you to reclaim your sense of self and inner power, freeing you from limitations, blocks and thoughts and behaviours that keep you small and hidden. 

A crystal of self-confirmation of purpose, it is ideal for reflection work - but doing so with a gentle energy of love and acceptance. 

Bringing a feeling of harmonious self-love, it will support you in finding peace within yourself and making a commitment to choosing you. It will help you to awaken the goddess within, so that you can grown and expand into all of you.

A soothing crystal it will help calm and stabilise your emotions and calm your nervous system, especially in times of anxiety or when dealing with hormonal cycles or menopause. 

How to use: Hold, carry with you or meditate with your lepidolite palm stone to connect and work with its powerful energies.

Each crystal is unique in size, shape and surface texture. Your order will vary slightly from the image shown.