Kundalini Citrine Crystal Point

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"My first purchase from Soul Emporium and I loved the whole experience. My crystal came quickly and was beautifully packaged" Nicola W.

We're thrilled to have sourced these stunning 100% natural kundalini citrine points, which come from the Congo in central Africa.

Kundalini citrine is a powerful crystal for manifestation and abundance. It connects you to the energy of the Universe, reminding you that you are a powerful co-creator, helping you to bring your intentions and dreams into reality. 

It awakens your kundalini energy, moving up through and opening the chakras from the earth star chakra to the soul star chakra, connecting you to the energy and wisdom of the earth and your soul. 

It will raise your vibration, remind you of your personal power and help you to believe in yourself. 

Straight from the heart of Africa, they haven't been polished, treated or cleaned in acid - they are straight from the earth.
You will notice from the photos/video clips that they are not 100% 'perfect', this is partly due to the mining process which is done in a very remote area. As the crystals are mined they are wrapped in banana leaves to transport them, which only adds to their charm. Some pieces will have natural cracks and fractures.


How to use: Connect/meditate with your kundalini citrine when you need to clear your energy/chakras or connect to your soul-self and remember who you are. Set intentions on your kundalini citrine and keep it in a special place (you can grid with with clear quartz to amplify your intentions), then hold or meditate with your citrine daily to help remind you that you are a powerful co-creator, drawing abundance and all that you desire to you. You may also hold/meditate with it above your head to truly connect to to universal energies of creation, manifestation and abundance.

This is an incredibly powerful crystal so begin to work with it slowly, especially if your energy feels extremely depleted or out of balance. You may need to work with a grounding crystal such as black tourmaline or smoky quartz after/at the same time. Take your time and allow the crystal to work its magic with you and open you up at a steady pace. 

Please be mindful that there is a strong variation in colour - as shown. Sizes also differ slightly from crystal to crystal. Size shown in video clip is standard. 

Please trust that the exact crystal that was meant for you will be sent to you. Put the intention out into the world when you order that the crystal that is meant for you will find its way home to you.

"Oh sooo lovely! Super quick in sending and Soul Emporium we’re so very right about crystals choosing their owners. Mine came and instantly I felt it was perfect for me, beautiful to look at and to hold" Catherine H.

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Bridgit R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Kundalini stone

Hi - sorry to say I was a bit underwhelmed when I received the stone. It looked like it had just been cut in half (to make it go further). The little bag was nice. It would have been nice to have a bit of info about the stone.


Soul Emporium

Sorry to hear you were disappointed with the size of your crystal point Bridgit. You should have recieved an email with an info sheet after purchase - please contact orders@soulemporium.com who will be happy to forward it yo you.

Mrs C.
United Kingdom

Kundalini Citrine Crystal Point Review

Oh sooo lovely! Super quick in sending and Soul Emporium we’re so very right about crystals choosing their owners. Mine came and instantly I felt it was perfect for me, beautiful to look at and to hold : ) A big thank you x

Helen H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Special crystal

I had not heard of kundalini citrine before, but am very pleased with the earthy, yet bright in places, crystal which arrived. I am getting to know how to work with this beautiful crystal and am happy I chose it and it chose me too!

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Beautiful and Mesmerising

Purchased the soul mediation and thought hey if I’m in I’m in and tested myself and she didn’t disappoint the rainbows are so pretty, plenty and flashy so I ordered another as a gift for my husband - mesmerised �

Jenny W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Couldn’t of asked for a more appropriate crystal at this time. A twin point kundalini citrine. The right crystal defiantly chose me well. Thank you x