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Heal the Witch Wound Crystal Kit

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The perfect crystal kit to help you to heal your witch wound.

The witch wound is what makes us fear being different or too much, it’s what prevents us from doing what we are being called to do, it stops us from speaking and shining and sharing our gifts and keeps us small and hidden and afraid.

These high-grade crystals will help you to find your voice, remember your magic and power and heal what keeps you small, helping you to and embrace your inner witch.

Kit includes:

  • Amazonite tumblestone
  • Bloodstone tumblestone
  • Rhodonite tumblestone
  • Labradorite tumblestone

Amazonite - or releasing any fear of judgement that has prevented you from using your voice. It helps you to heal from past trauma around speaking your truth and be able to speak intuitively from your soul. 

Bloodstone -  will help you to strengthen and trust your intuition, find the courage to stand strong in your power and claim your witch. It will also allow you to honour and feel the wisdom of the witches who went before us.

Rhodonite - for compassion and healing the parts of you that you have hidden and denied. It will support you in healing the sister wound and removing protection that you have built around you also that you can show yourself to the world.

Labradorite -  to help you remember and awaken your own ancient inner magic. It will reflect back to you the light and power within you, giving you the power and courage to believe in yourself and what you have to offer and allowing you to know and own yourself, so that you are not afraid to show up in the world as you.

How to use: Take time with each one of these crystals allowing them to work their magic with you and hearing their messages for you. Keep them in a grid together (you can add clear quartz to amplify the energy) to work their magic and meditate with/carry whichever one you are drawn to or need to support you each day.  

Each crystal is unique in size, shape and surface texture. Your order will vary slightly from the image shown.

Heal the Witch Wound - For the workshop and Week of the Witch Practices with Kirsty Gallagher - click here to learn more.