Amazonite Tumblestone

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Known as the stone of success or of hope, amazonite supports you in getting confidently clear on not only where you want to go, but also how to get there.

Working with your heart chakra, it will assist you in believing and trusting in yourself and nudge you to get out of your comfort zone to go after what your heart truly desires.

Amazonite is a must-have crystal for your emotions, helping to soothe them in times of emotional turmoil or when all you can feel is worry or fear. This calming crystal brings a sense of balance and peace, helping you to flow with your emotions rather than fight with them.

How to use: Carry this amazonite crystal with you and hold it in your hands when you need to trust in yourself, or meditate with it when you need to feel its supportive and guiding energies. You can add clear quartz crystal points to create a crystal grid to further amplify its energies.

Each crystal is unique in size, shape and surface texture. Your order will vary slightly from the image shown.

One supplied.