What is the witch wound, and how does it effect me?

The witch wound is a trauma that’s buried deep in our psyche and our DNA. 

It is carried from our past lives and ancestral lineages, from times when women were persecuted, shamed and even killed for being healers, wise women, wild women, herbalists, visionaries and truth holders.
This trauma can make us fear being different, or 'too much'.
This trauma prevents us from doing what we are being called to do - like speaking our truth, shining bright and sharing our gifts and talents with the world.
It is what keeps us small, hidden and afraid.
Healing the witch wound is incredibly powerful, particularly for light workers as we bravely say: no more.

It’s time to reclaim the witch within. 

If you'd like to learn more about the witch wound, you can find workshops on it here: https://www.kirstygallagher.com/courses-and-workshops

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