What are Worry Stones?

The origins of worry stones have been traced back to ancient Greece, but they have recently made a comeback and have been termed ‘pocket tranquillisers’.

They are smooth crystals that have either been shaped or naturally have a thumb-sized indentation in them.

Holding the crystal between your first two fingers and thumb, you place your thumb in the indentation and gently rub it across the crystal to calm and clear your mind and ease stress and anxiety.

Keep your worry crystal in your pocket and use it as a physical touchstone any time you need it to remind you to take long, slow, deep breaths and be in the present moment, seeking the support you need from it.

Choose your touchstone based on what you most need it for – for example: amethyst is a first choice for anxiety and soothing the mind; rose quartz when you want to be surrounded by a loving presence; or tiger’s eye for grounding and calming.