The Best Crystals for Self-Love

Crystals are one of your greatest companions when it comes to the journey of love. Whether it’s for self-love, healing from love, welcoming love or deepening existing love, there is a crystal out there just waiting to support you.

It’s impossible to truly love anyone else or allow anyone else to truly love you until you love yourself. If you ever struggle with self-love or lack of self-worth, self-care or not feeling worthy or deserving, rose quartz needs to become your best friend.

Rose quartz is my go-to crystal for all matters of the heart as it is the crystal of universal, unconditional love and is one of the best for whatever you need when it comes to love. You can also work with any pink and/ or green crystals, paying attention to or placing or wearing your chosen crystal over your heart chakra.

Rose quartz carries a beautiful, loving, feminine energy that helps to heal and open your heart and allow love in. I would always suggest wearing rose quartz, especially when you begin your self-love or crystal journey, so that you can connect to those loving vibes at all times. If you can find a necklace that goes over your heart, even better.

Another powerful way to work with rose quartz is to hold a piece while repeating self-love affirmations, and if you can look at yourself in the mirror while doing this, it will be even more powerful. Set an intention on your piece of rose quartz for self-love and then hold it as you repeat your affirmations daily. These might include the following:

‘I love and approve of myself.’

‘I am perfect just as I am.’

‘I am enough.’page73image51269696


Self-love grids

In times when you really need to be infused with self-love you can create a self-love grid by surrounding yourself with pieces of rose quartz, magnesite, some quartz points and any of the crystals in this section. Place a piece of rose quartz over your heart and the others around your body, even holding one in each hand. I would suggest having some of the quartz points facing inwards to direct the flow of loving energy towards you, and you could even place a few turned out for releasing anything that stands in the way of you loving yourself fully and completely. Lie down within this grid for as long as you need to, soaking in the loving vibes. See this as time well spent, truly taking time for you, as an act of self-love and care.

Other crystals for self-love: rhodochrosite, rhodonite, carnelian and pink tourmaline.