Crystal Terminology 💎

The world of crystals can be a daunting if you are new to using them. Below are a few phrases you might come across often at Soul Emporium at a guide to what it all means.

Intention setting: This is the act of stating what you intend to achieve, accomplish, create and bring into your life. You can work with a chosen crystal daily and set your intention upon it.

Manifesting: This is the art of creating what you want in life through your actions, thoughts, beliefs and emotions.  

Vibrations: All things in the universe vibrate with energy and to a certain frequency, including us and all our thoughts, emotions and attitudes – and crystals, too, of course. The more positive the energy, the higher the vibe, so things like love, gratitude or kindness vibrate at a much higher frequency than fear, anxiety or doubt.

Crystal grids: This is the placing of crystals in an intentional way to direct the energy towards a specific intention or focus. We often use crystal points for this. Points facing inwards will draw in more of what you want, while points facing outwards will help release what you no longer want. 

Altar: A sacred space that is dedicated to your personal growth or spiritual work; it becomes a visual focus for your intentions, manifestations and energy and a place you can go to daily to check in.

Corners: The practice of feng shui holds that there is an energy map in your home connected to different areas or aspects of your life; depending on your intentions, you can add more power to them by setting up a crystal grid in specific spaces (it is not recommended to work with more than two or three areas at once).