Crystals Shapes and What They Mean

When it comes to crystal shapes, some are natural and others are man-made and have been cut to shape.

Here are some of the most common:

Tumbled: The most common and versatile type of crystal, this is when small crystals are polished in a special machine until they become smooth and shiny. These can be carried, held or used in grids or for just about any purpose.



Raw: Sometimes known as chunks, these are often larger pieces of crystal in their natural form. Raw crystals are frequently used in grids, within rooms to help with the environment or are held during meditation.


Cluster: A number of smaller crystals (usually points) in their natural form that join together and are attached to the same matrix. Clusters are good for radiating energy into a room or environment.

Points: Usually naturally occurring, with a rough base where the crystal has been removed from its matrix. They can focus and direct energy and are great to use when meditating or manifesting.


Spheres: Shaped into a sphere or a circle, as the name suggests, these are a good focal point for meditation or to soothe in times of stress. They bring harmony and allow energy to radiate in all directions, while creating a sense of wholeness and a reminder that you are connected to something greater – like you are holding the whole world in your hand.



Pyramids: Shaped into a pyramid, these are amazing for manifesting what you want and connecting to high-vibration energies and higher consciousness.


Wands: These are usually pointed at one end and rounded at the other, although you can get double- terminated wands with a point at each end. Wands are used for healing and to release negative energy or bring healing energy into the body.


Towers: Usually carved/polished into shape, so that they stand up, these are similar to a point in that they help to direct and focus energy.