Crystals for Manifesting

When it comes to manifesting and abundance, crystals are your go-to support squad for supercharging your wishes and bringing abundance in all areas of your life. Yellow crystals over your solar-plexus chakra can be helpful in lighting up your personal power and making you magnetic to all you wish to manifest.

A crystal pyramid is a wonderful choice for manifesting, as the point beams your intentions out into the world, while the base anchors them in reality.

The crystals below will work with you to make you magnetic to all that you desire and to beam your intentions out into the world, bringing them more easily to life.

Clear quartz

One of your first choices for manifesting should be clear quartz, which, as the master crystal, can be used to manifest anything and everything.

Clear quartz amplifies the energy of any intention, dream or wish that is programmed into it and will continue to draw your desires to you, even when you are not consciously thinking about it.

Clear quartz can also bring clarity to your mind and heart, and therefore your intentions. If you are not certain about the direction of your life or what your dreams or desires are, try meditating with a piece of clear quartz for a few weeks to allow any blockages to be removed and to get crystal clear on your intentions.

Once you have decided what it is that you want to manifest, take some time to connect with your clear quartz and set your intentions. Tell the crystal what you would like it to help you to manifest. Be as clear and specific as you can.

Once you have set your intention on your clear quartz, either carry it around with you or spend some time each day holding it and visualising your life as though your dream has already come true; the more energy and power you can give to your intentions, the more quickly they can manifest into your life

Clear quartz points and towers can be extremely powerful when sending your intentions out into the world and drawing to you what you desire. Try writing your intentions down and placing them under a clear quartz tower, where it will beam them out into the universe for you. Or place quartz points around your intention-charged clear quartz with the points facing in to draw even more power to your manifestations as shown below:


Clear quartz points can be placed around any crystal or grid or any of the crystals below that you have set intentions on to bring even more power, energy and magic to your desires. You can even try placing clear quartz points in a circle around yourself with the points facing towards you as you meditate on your intentions and desires, visualising them coming true. The quartz points will help draw towards you all that you need to make your dream a reality.

Manifestation quartz

A small crystal encased in a larger crystal, these – as the name suggests – are incredibly powerful for manifesting your dreams. They are quite rare, and so slightly harder to come by, but if you have a big dream or desire you want to manifest, keep a look out for this one. Set your intentions on one of these and then meditate holding it each day and watch your dreams come true.


Your solar-plexus chakra is your place of personal power from where you magnetise yourself to your dreams and desires, drawing them towards you.

Place a piece of citrine over your solar-plexus chakra and spend five to ten minutes breathing into this place of power and allowing the energies of the citrine to supercharge you. Feel the abundance, the manifestation, the magnetism, as though you are easily attracting to yourself all that you desire.


You can even add some clear quartz or citrine points around your body, points facing towards you, turning yourself into an even bigger magnet for your dreams and desires.

If there is something big that I want to manifest into my life, I meditate holding a citrine point facing towards me to draw to me all that I desire. You can also hold a citrine point and clear quartz point (or any of the crystals below that resonate with what you want to manifest), while repeating affirmations around your intentions and desires.

Either create an affirmation specific to your intention (‘I easily and effortlessly manifest my business ideas into reality’, for example) or a more generic one (‘Everything I desire is coming to me now’).

Fire Quartz Heart

Heart shaped to really embody and channel all desires and passions of the heart, these stunning crystals contain elements of girasol quartz to balance both masculine and feminine energies.

Call on fire quartz to ignite the courage within to go after your dreams, whilst helping to bring balance and harmony to your life.

Connected to the root chakra, fire quartz is grounding, bringing you peace from within, while the girasol inclusions will help you to speak your truth and help spark your imagination and allow your creativity, wisdom and inner magic to burn bright. 

If you’re ready to tap into the abundant energy of the summer, spark your inner desires and feel held and supported as you bring your goals and intentions to life, call upon your fire quartz heart. Meditate with it, place it on your summer altar or carry around your fire quartz to help you bring your desires to life.

Other crystals for manifesting your desires: rose quartz (for manifesting love), pyrite (for manifesting wealth), blue apatite (for manifesting your ideas into reality), green aventurine (for manifesting new opportunities) and amethyst (for manifesting wisdom and self-awareness).