Crystals for Change and Moving Forwards

One of the main reasons why we hold on to relation-ships, beliefs, jobs or other things that we know, deep down, are not good for us is fear: fear of change, or of the unknown.

Turn to these crystals to realise what changes need to be made and bring you the bravery to make them and move forward in your life.

Rose quartz: If you know changes need to be made in your life, but you’re not sure what or how, start by working with rose quartz.

The loving, gentle energy of this crystal will help you to connect to your heart and begin to face your fears with love, encouraging you to believe and trust in yourself enough to know that you can face any challenges and changes and get through them.

Work with rose quartz daily to uncover the truth of your heart and what you yearn for in your life, so you know where and how to go about changing things. You could do this through meditation or journaling with your rose quartz.


Jet: Powerful for overcoming fear of change and the unknown. So if fear is keeping you frozen in place and preventing you from making any changes or decisions, meditate with jet daily to help keep your fears at bay.

Hematite: If you know you need to make changes, but you don’t know how, hematite is the way to go.

It’s a strongly supportive crystal that will not only reassure you that you’ve got this and it’s all going to be ok, but will also guide you forward into the new experiences that are waiting for you. Meditate with or carry it so it can show you the way.

Tiger’s eye: Once you’re clear on the changes that need to be made, tiger’s eye will bring you the courage and bravery to face your fears with strength. Wear or carry it with you and it will encourage and support you in boldly moving forward with any necessary changes.

Smoky quartz: This crystal will also encourage you to bring any required changes into reality, giving them structure and a clear plan of action. Meditate holding smoky quartz or with a point facing towards you to help bring needed change.

Malachite: And finally, if you’re really and truly ready to make change, work with the crystal of transformation: malachite. But be warned – it will bring change and bring it fast.

Working with malachite often brings about immediate and big changes, pushing you to take action. It’s almost as though everything is falling apart, but, in fact, it’s coming together.

Anything that is not meant for you will be obvious and clear when malachite is involved in a life review. Make a list of all that isn’t working in your life and ask for malachite’s assistance in bringing about the necessary changes.

Wear or carry it with you to help with taking action, or place it in a grid over your life review to bring changes in any required areas.



Other crystals for creating change and moving forward: rhodonite, carnelian, labradorite or clear quartz.