Crystals for Career Success

If you are looking to climb the corporate ladder or expand in your business, these crystals are for you.

Work with them close by, placing them in a grid over a business plan or holding them as you repeat affirmations out loud, such as ‘I deserve success’.

Sunstone - A go-to for promotion, new opportunities or allowing yourself to expand and shine in your business or career. Meditate daily with sunstone, either over your solar- plexus chakra or in your hands, to feel your inner strength, power and self-belief expand. Sunstone will help you to express yourself, to be seen and heard, to stand in your power and to achieve all that you know you are capable of.

Jade - Jade will help you to achieve your career goals, over- coming any limitations and guiding you to make the right decisions. A crystal of luck and prosperity, keep it close by for formulating long-term goals and continuing to earn, grow and achieve in your business.

Amazonite - Known as the stone of success or of hope, amazonite supports you in getting confidently clear on not only where you want to go, but also how to get there. Working with your heart chakra, it will assist you in believing and trusting in yourself and nudge you to get out of your comfort zone to go after what your heart truly desires.

Other crystals for career success: carnelian, fluorite, tiger’s eye or rose quartz.