A Short Guide to Gifting Crystals

Gifting crystals to others is a beautiful thing to do and we're often asked how to go about it.

Try holding the person in your mind’s eye and feel into your heart what you would like the crystal to help them with – what is the purpose or intent behind this gift?

You may want to look through the various collections on our website and choose crystals based on what is going on in that person’s life or keep them in mind when you are crystal shopping and then trust in your intuition.

For example, we have collections with suggested crystals for sleep, higher guidance, self-love, witch wound work, connecting to angels and guides and many more.

You may find that when crystal shopping, a certain person will come clearly into mind when holding a particular crystal, and you will just know that it is intended for them.

You may like to gift crystal pouches that contain four or five tumbled stones for different purposes, so that the person can use different crystals at different times, based on what they are feeling drawn to.