A Quick Guide to Crystals and How They Work

In simple terms, crystals are an established batch of molecules and atoms that bond in a repeating pattern.

They form over millions of years in a chemical process, during which movement in the earth’s crust forces molten magma, liquids and gases towards the surface where they cool, solidify and crystallise.

Crystals exist in many different shapes and colours, determined by their chemical components and bonds.

Did you know that it’s a crystal that helps your phone, watch and TV to work?

With very few legitimate studies done, science has yet to back the healing properties of crystals but what science can agree on is that crystals such as quartz produce energy.

It’s what’s known as piezoelectricity and was discovered in 1880 by Jacques and Pierre Curie when they put crystals such as quartz, topaz and tourmaline under pressure and created electrical energy.

Science also agrees that everything is made of energy.

Right now your energetic system is receiving and responding to all of the vibrations of energy not only in but around you.

Everything in the world is made of energy – you, your thoughts, your emotions and beliefs – and it is all vibrating to a particular frequency.

Crystals, too, are made up of energies and, similarly, vibrate at a certain frequency.

Working with them allows us to match our own energies and frequency with theirs, so that we can take advantage of their therapeutic properties, helping to soothe our emotions, calm our minds and bring ourselves back into balance and alignment.