Oval Moonstone Necklace - Pendant Only (No chain)

Oval Moonstone Necklace - Pendant Only (No chain)

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As its name suggests, moonstone will help you to connect to lunar cycles, your intuition and the understanding that life is all about cycles and rhythm and flow.

With its feminine, nurturing energies, moonstone works to balance and calm the emotions and is known as the crystal of new beginnings – it is powerful in any times of change.

Wear this beautiful moonstone necklace to set your new and full moon intentions on and keep you connected to the energies of the moon.

Pendant sizes:

Small: Approx 15-20mm

Medium: Approx 25mm

Caring for your necklace - To ensure your necklace stays looking its best and to avoid breakages, we recommend removing your necklace when you sleep and avoid getting in wet. Please remove your jewellery before bathing/showering/swimming. Your jewellery is covered by our refund policy for 6 months from purchase. Caring for it correctly will ensure it becomes a piece to be loved and cherished for years to come.

Pendant Only (No chain)

All sizes are approximate. Your necklace will vary slightly from that shown.