Lunar Living New Moon Magic Ritual Set

Lunar Living New Moon Magic Ritual Set

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This gorgeous set of new moon magic contains everything you need to create an at-home candle and bath ritual for the new moon. Use this ritual set to set your intentions each new moon.

Each set includes a luxury, hand-poured, vegan candle made from coconut and soy with pure essential oils, and natural new moon bath salts with Himalayan, epsom, magnesium and dead sea salt

Each candle and bath salt comes with a 'how-to-use' guide for your moon rituals.

"The bath salts are simply wonderful and smell lovely" Karen.


  • 9cl New Moon Intention luxury candle. Patchouli, cedarwood, frankincense and lavender
  • 250g New Moon Intention luxury bath Salts. Dried lavender flowers, patchouli, cedarwood, frankincense and lavender

Our Lunar Living NewMoon Magic Ritual Set makes a wonderful gift for a lunar-loving friend or a self-care gift for yourself as you dive deeper into working with the magic of the moon.

We recommend you store your bath salts somewhere cool and dry and use within 6 months.