Howlite Goddess

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Howlite helps soothe the emotions and quieten your inner critic, bringing compassion and patience. It is also a wonderful stone for guidance and for sleep work.

Howlite for finding your purpose: Howlite will encourage you to remain on your path once you have found your purpose and help you commit to the journey ahead. It is also useful at the beginning of your journey. If ever you feel completely lost and directionless, howlite will work with you to find your way.

Howlite for sleep: Sleep with howlite near your bedside to access dream wisdom and allow you to remember it upon waking. An incredibly calming crystal, howlite is also powerful against insomnia, encouraging your waking mind to switch off, so that you can drift into a deep, dreamy sleep.

How to use: Meditate with your howlite goddess and keep her near you when you need to feel her supportive and guiding energies. 

Approx 6.5cm tall

Each crystal is unique in size, shape and surface texture. Your order will vary slightly from the image shown.