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The Singing Trees - A Growing Forest The Singing Trees: A Growing Forest

A Book of Stories, Curriculums and Instructions - Sharing Values through Art. This book is designed to get you excited when you see the art of other kids. It will tell you the story that led to the first five Singing Trees - the Seedling and Pioneer Forest. It will show you how to grow your own Singing Tree or join with one that is already started. It will leave you with the possibility of a Climax Forest of Singing Trees, filled with birds that will help to bring unity between people. For teachers, it will suggest curriculum tie-ins for the classroom in geography, civics, life sciences, math and English. Take the ideas here and run! Buy this book at

Available in color for $20.00 through

In black and white for $9.95 (includes shipping and handling). Click here to order now.

To download a digital version of the book, click here.


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